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The Best Halloween Decorations for Your Car – 2017

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Getting dressed up in costumes is arguably the best part of Halloween. So why should your car have to miss out on the fun? Costumes and decorations for vehicles are becoming increasingly trendy every Halloween. In fact, some even throw “Trunk or Treat” parties where car lovers gather to show off their holiday handiwork. Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming for this season.

zombie car

Picture via 2014 Washington D.C. Auto Show

  • Zombies

Nothing says Halloween quite like zombies, and with the ever-increasing popularity of the zombie theme in movies, TV shows, and video games, this one is sure to impress. There are so many ways to decorate for this one, so get creative. You’ll have the scariest car on the block, and it’ll give an extra thrill to trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.

football car

Picture via Pinterest

  • Football

Think the best part of fall is football season? Then this one is for you. No matter your favorite team (go Buckeyes!), this theme can include whatever you love best about them. You can simply fill the trunk with spirited sports merch, create a den with football fans watching their team play, or go all out and recreate a mini version of your team’s stadium. Check out your nearest party store for supplies and inspiration.

zoo inside car

Picture via Carfax

  • Zoo

Named the 5th best zoo in the country by USA Today, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium draws a lot of attention. A zoo-themed trunk will too! This one is simple. All you need to do is find your favorite animals in plush form and create the exhibit of your choice!

truck with giant tongue

Picture via Carfax

  • Giant Mouth

This one can be spooky or silly depending on the decoration style you go with. Turning your trunk into a gaping mouth can be done with cheap supplies like carboard and construction paper, and it looks really cool! You can even make the teeth pointy to create a monster mouth or a vampire theme. This works best with SUVs and cars with hatchbacks for maximum mouth size.


graveyard scene in truck bed

Picture via Babble

  • Horror Scene

Don’t want to limit yourself to one idea? A truck bed provides the room to create whatever creepy scene you have in mind. Scared of skeletons? Ghosts? Aliens? Put it all together in there and make it as unique and jam-packed with horrors as you’d like!

Get your car, truck, or SUV in on the Halloween action this year. The only limit is your own imagination! For more ideas, check out this clever list from Carfax. What’s the best car decoration you’ve seen? What’s your favorite idea for this year? Comment below, and have a Happy Halloween from Bobb Says Yes!

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